The Fulton Fire Protection District is always looking for new members. If you are interested in being a firefighter or EMS member, or just learning more about what this commitment would entail, please contact the fire chief at (815)-589-3030

Our organization consists solely of volunteers - community members whose backgrounds vary. New members receive all equipment and gear, all provided at no charge. Monthly training meetings are held at the station and members must meet annual attendance requirements for these meetings. When applying for membership, applicants are required to submit to a background check with the application. Benefits of becoming a volunteer include personal satisfaction of providing a valuable service to the community, and training in safety and rescue procedures that you can use outside of firefighting. You also get the thrill and excitement of putting out fires and helping with emergency response rescues. While the level of involvement for volunteers varies, you may get the chance to help in diverse situations, including fires, flood relief, accident response, and water rescues. Another benefit is the camaraderie you will feel with your fellow volunteers, Fire departments can feel like a family. You will have a whole group of close friends. All that is asked of you is to commit to attending training meetings monthly, and respond to emergency calls when available.

Not only will you be helping your family, neighbors, and friends but your efforts could also keep your taxes and homeowner's insurance lower.

application (pdf)